Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Quilted Watercolor cards

Hello! I was reminded today of some stamp sets and dies that I purchased from Papertrey last year. Melissa, one of the Papertrey Design Team, posted on the Papertrey Forum that she was looking forward to pulling out her Quilted: Autumn set to start creating for fall. This reminded me of a set of cards I made last year once I had collected all four season's Quilted sets. Being a quilter, they were a must-have series of stamps and dies! :) I decided to watercolor a background for the dies and keep them fairly simple. I just love how they turned out!

Quilted: Winter
 Quilted: Fall
 Quilted: Spring
 Quilted: Summer
Now to send these out to some of my quilting friends! Hope you enjoyed them too!


  1. These are fabulous, Susan. You can tell that you're a quilter and know how to piece color for you've even worked the watercolor to the pattern.

  2. very pretty! i like lots of white in my quilts too!