Monday, January 24, 2011

My Stamping Room

I think it's about time I documented my craft area for creating cards and such. I really liked the craft island Pottery Barns sells, but just couldn't see paying that much - there's always a better way, right? At least if you're able and willing to put some elbow grease into it. There is a store called Solid Woods here in Winchester, VA, and I stopped by one day to see what they had. All their furniture comes unfinished. The Pottery Barn setup is basically two 3' x 3' bookcases with a solid top on top of them. So what I found at Solid Woods was - you guessed it - two bookcases made up of 9 square cubbies. I was also able to get the guy who makes them to make me a top out of oak with an edge around the sides to lay on top of the bookcases. I also purchased the same style bookcases, but with 6 cubbies by 3 cubbies - like stacking the two bookcases on top of each other, but one solid piece. I also purchased two chairs - one for each open side of the table. It was alot of work to sand and paint all the pieces ( which I did on s sweltering hot July 4th weekend), but it was well worth it. For about $1100 I was able to get all these pieces, where as I would have paid almost that just for the table at Pottery Barn. My area is in the finished part of our basement. Here are some pictures.
 This shows one end of the craft table. Each cubbie is about 12 x 12, which is great because I can store scrapbook paper in them.
 This is the table from the side that I use for scoring with my Score-Pal and cutting with my smaller cutter. It's also a great place to work when the other side is cluttered. :) I covered the oak top of the table with a 1/4" piece of glass I got custom cut from a local glass company. That way, I can always wipe it clean.
 This is the other side of  the table which is covered with a piece of black velour, which I had been using in photography. It protects my cardstock from light. There are french doors right across from it.
 This shows my paper storage with the velour raised up.
 This is the 6 x 3 bookshelf I purchased. I put it on it's side so I could use the top for storage also. All along the top, I have my ribbon stored in glass jars I purchased from the dollar store. It's so pretty to see all the colors! I used to be a Longaberger consultant, so that's why so much of my supplies are stored in L. baskets.
 This is an antique Housier cabinet I use for my larger cutter and my Big Shot. Lots of storage in it too. To the right of the Housier is my sewing machine.
I made the two green wall boards and usually display cards I make that I really like. A nice inspiration board for me. The two antique printer drawers on the floor are great storage for wood mounted stamps. I need to hang them on the wall at some point.
 This cabinet is the coolest thing int he room! I purchased it at an antique market in PA for $120. It was lime green when I purchased it. Another labor of love! I stripped all the green paint off and discovered it was made from mahogany! It is an antique dental cabinet. It is perfect to store wood mounted stamps, although my husband keeps telling me it would be perfect for his fly tying supplies also. :) All the knobs but one were there - just needed polishing up. It took a lot of elbow grease to get this in the shape you see it, but I just love how it turned out! I've seen them on ebay for over $2000.

 This is a collage my daughter made me for Christmas this year. It houses all the paper products we made for her wedding this past October. It is very special to me.
 Thisis the side of the table I do most of my stamping from. Looks kind of messy right now, but believe me, that's clean! My inkpads are on the left, my adhesives are in the basket in front, and my tools are in the turn-about to the right.

 This is a serving basket I use to hold my  ink pads. It's working for me now, but I may go more vertical at some point with them.
 My adhesive and acrylic blocks are in this basket within easy reach.
 The two white boxes on the right hold my PTI stamps. They are in alphabetical order. See photo below. I need another box!!!

 This is how I store my WMS stamps. I use a large 3 ring binder with plastic sleeves that close on the top. I jsut slip the stamp set on the plastic sheet it comes on inside the pocket.
 A little closer view.
 My punches are kept in baskets on the big shelf. I don't have a ton of them yet, so this is working for right now.
 My white boards to remind me what cards I need to make for people.
 My craft table from the french doors.

 My computer sits to the left of my craft area - nice to have them both close.
 A final picture. Hope you enjoyed, and maybe picked up a few ideas. Maybe some day I'll post pictures of my out-of-control quilting room too!


  1. WOW! What a wonderful space to create in!
    I love that antique piece that used ot be lime green! What a find!

  2. Beautiful room! Good to know there's anothe PTI addict in the area - I live just over the state line in Inwood!

  3. What a great room! I'm in the area, too--in Centreville. Look on the PTI boards for a get-together sometime in March at Deb's house.

  4. Such great organization and flow! Nice work!

  5. Beautiful and what an amazing find!! Green or no green that cabinet would have come home with me!

  6. What A wonderful space!! Love your table...and what a find that dental cabinet was!!Thanks for sharing your space!

  7. what a beautiful and big space you have

  8. Just discovered your blog via Crafty Storage. Congrats on being featured there! I live in Maryland and am familiar with Winchester. Nice area. I love your blog and your creations. WIll be a regular visitor from now on.


  9. Loved the tour. :) Housier cabinet and sewing corner is so inviting, and the post-lime mahogany cabinet is to-die-for!

  10. I love love love your table! I will have to look into doing the same thing or a similar one once we aren't moving around so much! Thanks for sharing :)