Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Die cut Storage

I find I have amassed alot of Papertrey dies and therefore, have tons of die cuts to store. The best system I have found to do this is this case I found at Michael's. I think it is designed to hold photos, but it works great with die cuts too. The case holds 12 individual boxes. I store the case on the floor right beside my chair I sit in when I stamp. I will reach for it and see if I have the die cut already punched before I'll get up and cut new ones. It's very handy for me. I have a couple plastic tackle box type containers too, because this one got full pretty quick. They are nice for border cuts because I can put the dividers wherever I want. So it's nice to have two alternatives.

 An individual box within the case (has my Tiny Tags in this one)
 All twelve boxes within the case. I combine some of the die cuts within a box. Like I have a box for all the Matt Stacks, all the doilies, all the Fillable Frames, etc.
Hope this helps someone else out!  Thanks for visiting! 


  1. Very nice! I've seen this case online and have always wanted it because it seems very useful. I have some of the individual cases and love them, but having them all together in one neat package is even better! Thanks for the post!

  2. This is a great system. I won't even tell you my current system.....I'm impressed you even have professional looking labels on the cases. Way to go!