Sunday, June 24, 2012

Felt hexagons

Ok, I admit it - I have an addiction to hexagons!!! I've really been enjoying seeing what all you can do with the hexagons and the cover plate from Papertrey. Being a quilter, I guess it's pretty normal for me to love the quilt combinations. Then I started thinking about how soft and cuddly quilts are, and I thought "Maybe I'll try to create a felt hexagon quilt!"
  I began by cutting the cover plate out of Hawaiian Shores, Aqua Mist, and True Black PTI felt. One of the colors came out perfectly, the other two required alot of careful snipping. When I was finally done, I laid the black negative out on my desk and arranged the Aqua Mist and HS felt hexagons within the framework until I liked the combination. I was going for a bold graphic color choice - sort of along the Amish line. I adhered the completed "quilt" on the front of a piece of black cardstock for stability, then adhered that to the Aqua Mist card base. It is soooo soft to touch! I really like how it turned out, but I'm not sure how many of these I'll make - it was alot of work! Maybe just a little embellishment here and there...
   Anyway, hope you like it - these pictures really don't do it justice - you have to be able to run your hand over it and feel it's softness to really appreciate it. On a side note, I just couldn't bring myself to put a sentiment on the outside of the card and cover up my handiwork, so I just included it on the inside. Let me know what you think - Thanks! 
The outside of the card:
 A close up of the felt goodness.
 The inside of the card:

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