Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Needlebook Obsession

Hello! A confession here - I think I might have an obsession with needlebooks... I have a ton of them. Some I have made, some have been made by friends. One was made by my dad - my favorite of all. Let me show you some of them - then you decide - do I really  need a kit to make more????

Wool needlecases with stamped die cuts on top two. Bottom left is simple wool applique. Bottom right was given to me by a friend - just a few pieces of wool sewn together - functional. Second picture is these cases opened up.

Made by a friend - silk embroidery.

Another silk embroidery case by my friend.

A beautiful fan shaped needle case with tons of silk ribbon flowers on the front. Beautiful inside and out. Made by my friend.

Cute wool beehive case - made by me.

Wool felt case made by a friend.

Simple 30s fabric case - made by me.

More silk ribbon cases from my friend. She passed away a couple years ago, and I bought these at her estate sale.

A simple roll case - made by me.

A felt and wool felt case - made by me.

This one is my favorite. My dad made it during WWII. He was a marine and fought in several larger battles. I imagine this was his field sewing kit. He left it to me in his will.

This was made from wool by me - just a simple case.

This crazy needle case was made by a friend of mine. It is made entirely from French knots - over 100 per inch!

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  1. Wow! These are so wonderful! I actually do not own one as my needles are in a "shoe" shaped pincushion on my crafting desk but I may have to make one now for the needles I have in a mason jar upstairs for little sewing repairs. They are all so charming!!!!