Thursday, March 5, 2015

Papertrey Make-It-Monday #203 - Doodling with Stamps

 Hello! Thanks for stopping by today! I am entering the card to the left in Papertrey's Make-It-Monday this week. Ashley showed us how to doodle on our stamps. It's alot harder than it looks though. At least for me! I think you need to be relaxed to make this work, and I think I was just trying too hard. My first attempt (see last card) was awful - way to busy. The second attempt (see left) was much simpler - and the one I will enter for the MIM challenge.

The third attempt below was ok - just not my favorite. I will keep practicing at this technique, because I love the look it brings to your cards.

I used Beautiful Blooms 2, and the Swoosh dies.
 This was my first attempt - way too busy!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the cards! I'm impressed you've made three!.

  2. Great cards! The card with the cars is my favourite, but I also love the Beautiful Blooms. Actually, I like the busy one, too, so I hope you don't toss it. Maybe if it was cut down into a panel, or two? Or, used as a background? I love how the doodling gives definition to the flowers!

  3. Practice makes perfect, Susan, and those cards are the proof. I never thought of using anything but flowers for that challenge.