Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Grandkids coloring book

Hello! I have been playing with the Edger die from my April Papertrey release order the past couple days. I would like to share a coloring book I made for my granddaughters. I was inspired by Keribear over on the Papertrey Ink forum when she made a notebook for a friend using the Basic Pages dies by Papertrey. I was also inspired by Betsy Veldman's notebooks during the release that had crayons included in her notebooks.  Unfortunately, the Basic Pages dies have been out of stock for months, so I made do with the new Edger dies I received in my order this month. It's my first book, so I learned some things along the way.
I learned that:
     - it would be alot easier not to have to line up the holes on the pages with the Edger die versus just cutting the entire page with one of the Basic pages die
     - still not sure what the best order for where the crayons should go in the book - (front or back)
     - you can put the Write Stuff holder dies closer together to fit more crayons
     -  need to come up with a way to crimp the ends of the coil so it doesn't unwind. Since it is plastic, bending it back doesn't work very well.

I used a Frozen image from the internet for my cover, and coloring pages for the inside pages from this website. It is my understanding that because these images are copyrighted, they are only for personal use, not for resale on any product. These little notebooks are for my granddaughters when we are out places and need to occupy them. :)
I used 1/2" white binding coils from here to bind the book together. Thanks so much to Keri and Betsy for their fabulous ideas and the information they provided!

Cover - image printed on cardstock and mounted to PTI cardstock

 Crayons with Write Stuff holders (wish I had put them closer together to include more crayons)

 Some of the coloring pages I printed on regular copy paper. Images from

      There are 25 coloring pages in this book. It measures 4.25" x 5.5". I used a 1/2" 4:1 pitch coil to bind it. I need to use my Envelope board to make a nice coordinating box to keep it in now. Hope you enjoyed it!

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