Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chloe's Fourth Birthday Gifts

Wow! Has it really been since June that I've put up a blog post??? It's been a busy summer, what with grandchildren sleeping over, vacations, and purchasing some land in southern VA. I've been making a lot of cards - just not had the chance to photograph them and post them.

One of the things I like to do for each grandchild's birthday is to give them something I have made. All my grandchildren have TONS and TONS of toys, so one more toy isn't going to mean much to them. From what I have seen, the things they really like are the things I have made them - the quilts, the books, the stuffed animals and other things. So this year our first granddaughter, Chloe, will be 4 years old - hard to believe!! Whenever Chloe and her sister Sophie come out to spend the night, I like to tell them stories about us, them, and other things. Most of the stories begin with "Once upon a Time", and end with "And they lived Happily Ever After". They are both really into princesses right now, so the fairy tale theme is big.

So this year's main present was a storybook about two beautiful Princesses. :) Here are some pictures of the pages. Lots of glitter paper and bling!

Cover: - I Mod-Podged the cover front and back to protect the tiny little glitter words from little hands. :)
Pages 1&2 - facing each other

Pages 3&4 - facing each other

Pages 5&6 - facing each other

Pages 7&8 - facing each other
 When you open the carriage door, it says "I love you". :)
 Whenever we drive out to our house with the girls, which is an hour drive, we usually sing this song.
Pages 9-10 facing each other

Pages 11&12 - facing each other

Last page and back cover (also Mod-Podged)

Most of the embellishments were cut with my Silhouette from glitter paper. The journaling was done by Print and Cut on my Silhouette. I used a 12 x 12 paper pad I picked up at Michaels. It is called Embellish by Dena.

I also made up a stamping kit for Chloe. I found these neat "Child's First Stamping pads" at Hobby Lobby. They are supposed to be washable and non-toxic. I put them in a box along with some of my cutesy rubber stamps and some scrap paper. Here is a picture of the box:
I used some of the stamps in the box to stamp the top.
 The contents of the box
 A close up of the stamping pads
 And of course I had to make her a Princess card! Complete with glitter paper. I used a stamp set by Darcie.
Thanks for hanging in until the end! I hope she likes all of these gifts! I know a lot of love went into them. :)


  1. What a precious keepsake!! Chloe will love this. You are an amazing grandmother!

  2. Wow what a wonderful gift you have created for your granddaughter! Oh my gosh she is going to love that stamping Kit! You outdid your self here ,lucky girl ...Chloe!