Sunday, January 3, 2016

Stitching a Primitive Heart

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I have been stitching on a little heart sachet today and wanted to share it here with you.

 I used the Papertrey Primitive Stitched Hearts dies and cut two of the large hearts and one of the smaller hearts out of Papertrey Sweet Blush felt (LOVE!). I also cut out some small flowers and leaves with the Mini Blooms dies from Vintage Cream and Limeade Ice felt. I stitched the little flowers on the front of the small pink heart using just a french knot, and then stitched the leaves on with a single stitch. I made stems using a back stitch with green floss and then a bow in pink. I stitched the smaller heart onto one of the larger hearts using pink floss that is slightly darker than the Sweet Blush felt. 

I used a running stitch to sew them together. I then sewed the second larger heart onto the back of the first stitched large heart using the same pink floss and a blanket stitch. I wanted to use a more substantial stitch for the edge since I wanted to stuff the heart with a little fiberfill. I stuffed the heart once I was about 2/3 through stitching them together, and then stuffed a little more once I only had about an inch left to stitch. I then stitched a 1/8" ribbon through the center top to hang the heart.

I love how it turned out and plan to do several more in different PTI felt colors! I will probably spray these with perfume to scent them. Wouldn't they look pretty hanging from a peg? Hope you enjoyed them!


  1. Love the heart! I agree that I would look really cute hanging from a peg. Makes me want that die.

  2. These are beautiful. Now I want that die too.