Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby Shower present

Hello! I am sitting here on March 25 in Virginia with 6"+ of snow on the ground! It has been a crazy March, for sure. I wanted to share a gift that I have put together for a dear friend of mine that is having a baby soon. They know it's going to be a little girl - Emma Nicole. My daughter picked up this lovely pink container for me to put all the little gifts in. That's such a practical thing to give a gift in - it can be used in the baby's room to hold all kinds of things - like diapers, toys, etc. So the "packaging" ends up being a gift too! I like that!

First thing I bought and personalized with her name were three hooded bath towels at Walmart. I have an embroidery machine and embroidered her name on the hood of each.

My friend has an older daughter named Jesse, so I had to embroider a little onsie for the baby with "Jesse's little sister"

 Next up is a little ribbon blanket I made for the baby. It's white minkee (VERY soft) on one side, and white satin on the other. I have TONS of ribbons in my stash (I live close to an Offray ribbon outlet!), and I sewed lots of them around the edge. It's about 12" square. The embroidery is hard to see in this picture - it says "nighty night".

 Then I made little hair bands for the baby. I purchased elastic lace and little crochet flowers on etsy. I've made a bunch of these for my own granddaughters. They are very soft and easy to put on newborns when they don't have much hair to put a clip in. I actually thought about trying to learn to crochet these flowers, but soon decided that I wasn't very good at it. Thank goodness for etsy!
I just sewed the elastic (13" for a newborn) together on the ends. Then sewed the flower on by hand, and backed it with a little felt cutout so it is soft against the baby's head. No glue involved - which I like. I packaged them up in Papertrey's new Boutique Accessory dies and stamps, and put them in a little $5 stamp set clear envelope.

 Then I filled in the container with a few other items and made a little tag and card. The card is cut from Papertrey's Onesie die, the tag is from a Graphix 45 paper pad that I have been hoarding. The sentiment on it is from Papertrey Script Sentiments stamp set.

 And here it all is packaged up in the pink container (from Home Goods store), and tied with a pretty Princess bow (from Costco). She really enjoyed looking at all the different things in the gift.
One last thing I'd like to share. There was a picture on the Papertrey forum of someone's carrot barrettes using the new Papertrey Clever barrette dies. These were just the cutest thing ever, and I started thinking of other ways to use the actual shape of the barrette. I came up with these ice cream cones. I just stitched a few x's on the "cone", and used one of the Daydreamer dies to cut out some vintage cream felt for the ice cream. I added some little pink and gold beads for sprinkles. Wouldn't these be cute for a birthday gift for a little girl? They are going to my 1 1/2 year old granddaughter, of course. :)
Thanks for looking!Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Susan these are really cute! Great idea and I loved the carrot hair clips too. look at all the beautiful things you have made for Emma. I like the head bands too. Emma is very lucky!