Sunday, February 9, 2014

Papertrey 2014 Anniversary Challenge Birthday card

Hello! Another challenge over on Nicole Heady's blog here. Our challenge was to make Papertrey a birthday card, and then to photograph ourselves with the card. She encouraged us to actually mail the card to Papertrey so the people in the warehouse can make a collage of all the cards to enjoy each day. I think this is a wonderful idea! It would be fun for them to see what we do with the supplies they pack up each day - and to see that what they do helps us to make a difference in other people's lives. Thank you Papertrey Ink! You have brought me much joy and helped me spread that joy to others through my handmade cards! HAPPY HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY!
 I used Aqua Mist and white cardstock, and Aqua Mist patterned paper, as well as the Wonderful Words: Birthday die and stamp set, and then cut out "Papertrey Ink" from one of my stamp sets packaging. There are 7 rhinestones for seven years Papertrey has been in business.
Many wishes for many many more happy Papertrey years! Susan


  1. Aren't you just clever, Susan, adding the "Papertrey Ink" to your card? Great card and picture of you holding it also. : )

  2. Susan when I saw this I thought ...oh no I did mine wrong. I see you were just very creative and smart to make this very special card. Bravo !!!!!! Great picture of you .....looks. Dry cold but beautiful!