Friday, July 20, 2012

Calla-lilies and Irises

One of the things I really like to photograph is flowers. My husband loves to fly fish, and when I go with him fishing, I usually spend my time photgraphing the wildflowers and plants in the area. Most of the time I use either my macro lens for really close up, or my 70-200 lens. It's really important to use a tripod when photographing flowers. As steady as I think my hand is, I almost always have some movement - and when you are photographing with a macro lens, every minute movement shows. So here are a few of the shots I've liked over the last few years.
These first flowers are calla-lilies. I photographed them at Stone Manor, a B&B in Lovettsville Virginia.

These irises are from a home in Winchester Virginia. The owners graciously allowed me to photograph their amazing collection of irises.

Next photography post I will share some of my favorite wildflower shots. Thanks for looking!

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