Saturday, January 11, 2014

Babysitting little Will

Hello! I have a fun post to share today. I am up in Philadelphia today babysitting my little grandson Will so his mommy and daddy can have some together time. Will is 17  months old and just the cutest little boy - so fun to hold and play with. He is curious about everything, constantly investigating all the hidden crevices and doors and openings of his toys. Kelly, Will's mommy, has gone to great lengths to provide Will with educational toys. Everything from a latches board, to shape recognitions toys, to animal sounds, to musical instruments. He even has a little green chair to sit in to look at his books. Will loves his books! He "talks" to them - it is so cute! Here are some pictures of him this morning while we "played".
This is the magnetic blackboard Will's Granddaddy Polk made for him for Christmas. He's not quite old enough for the chalkboard part of it yet (he would probably eat the chalk), but he loves putting his magnets on it.

Will's Aunt Katie gave him this little chair for Christmas. Will loves to sit in it and "read" his books!
I find that the best part of being a grandparent is that you  are in the position to actually play. That's one of the main roles of a grandparent, as far as I am concerned. I hope to be able to take Will on long walks when he gets older and tell him all about the things in nature, just like my mom did with my children when they were growing up. Being a gramma is awesome!!!

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