Friday, June 20, 2014

Alternative Die Cutting Materials

Hello! I went to the Scrapbook Expo show today in Chantilly VA. I always enjoy scrapbook shows because I get to see things I've never seen before, and purchase things I just can't find in my local area. Today I had a real treat listening to a lady named Ellen, at the Tessler Stamps/Stencils Company. Ellen was very enthusiastic about their products and encouraged everyone to "think outside the box" for die cutting materials. I think the only things I've die cut so far are paper, cork sheets, and fun foam. Well - are you ready for this? - she was die cutting butterflies out of soda cans!!! I could hardly believe it! When I think of all the soda cans we've thrown away over the years!

When I got home, I looked up die cutting soda cans on You-Tube, and here is a tutorial by someone else (I didn't see one by Ellen anywhere) on how to cut the can. It's really not hard at all - you just have to be careful not to cut yourself. It probably would be good to wear a pair of gardening gloves or something while you are handling the can.

At the show, Ellen cut the soda can with a delicate butterfly die they sold and you couldn't tell it was even a soda can! I thought I would come home and try this out with a couple Papertrey dies. When choosing your die, I like to choose something that is not too solid, so that it's not obvious that it was cut from a soda can - unless that's the look you are going for. I chose three dies to try - one of the Delicate Doilies, Pedal Pusher, and a Monthly Moments month word. You can see them below.
 The sandwich I used with my Big Shot was the Multipurpose platform, cutting plate, a metal shim,   the die cut facing up, the soda can, and the other cutting plate. I found it handy to tape the die cut to the can to stop it from moving around. I ran this through 2-3 times back and forwards. The Doily die was tough to get out of the die - just hard to find a place to lift it up. The other two came out really easy. You can see where the solid parts of the die cuts are - like the bike wheels and the middle of the doily - you can more easily tell what it is cut from. But with the February die cut - there is no way you would know. Luckily, the dies seem to round the edges of the cut so they are not sharp on the edges. I still would never give a die cut like this on anything going to a child.

The dragonflies and butterflies in this picture are cut from a Pepsi can. The dragonflies are die cuts sold at the Tessler booth labeled "Ellentina Cutting Dies". These particular dies are "Dragonflies."
 This set of die cuts is cut from American Crafts WOW glitter paper. This paper cuts like butter! These leaves are also dies  by Ellentina . The leaves are called Daisy leaves, and they emboss the veins going down the middle of the leaf. The butterfly here and above, is also by Ellentina, called Butterflies #4.

These snowflakes are cut from good old Wax Paper!! They are so delicate! After cutting them (you can cut several layers at a time), I applied some glue with a brush and sprinkled glitter on them. So soft and pretty!

So start thinking out of the box as far as die cutting materials! One caution I would use, is NEVER to force a sandwich through your die cutting machine - if it doesn't go through smoothly, it's too thick! Also - BE CAREFUL WHEN CUTTING THE SODA CANS AND HANDLING THEM!


  1. Fabulous idea--thanks for all this info. Had to come over from the forum to check out your soda can die cuts. Can't wait to try this.

  2. Thank you so much for your post on this... I too tried to find a video and didn't... so I finally made one for those of us who want to make those Soda Can Butterflies (etc) using a framelit.
    Here is a link to my blog where I posted the recipe

    And here's the YouTube link:

    Again THANK YOU for your pictures and encouragement!! :)