Sunday, June 8, 2014

Another Papertrey Coin Purse

Hello! I wanted to share another Papertrey coin purse I made. I have been having fun making them and thinking up new possibilities for the decorations. You can see two other purses I made for my granddaughters here.


 This time I cut the main body of the purse from Papertrey black felt. I used the Lovely Layers dies to cut out pieces of Aqua Mist and Limeade Ice felt for the decorations on one side, and Matt Stack 1 and the Headline Alphabet to cut out a base and my initials for the other side. I just used a whipstitch to sew the pieces down to the felt since they are not stitching dies. This opens up a whole new realm of decorating possibilities when you do not limit yourself to the stitching dies! I used a zipper and stitching in an Aqua Mist type color for contrast to the black. What do you think?


  1. Oh, this is so sweet! Those initials are so close to my daughter's -- she's SDP. :)

  2. Really lovely, Susan. You did such a wonderful job. I love your color combinations and your die selection!! Your stitching is so even and beautiful and the contrast of the "aqua mist" thread on the black felt is really eye catching. How fun!!!

  3. The purse is awesome. Love how you used the non stitching dies. I need to learn this stich. Great color combination. The lovely layer flower looks great.