Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vinyl Covered Coin Purse

Hello! I would like to share with you a technique I used to make a vinyl covered coin purse today. I do not have the Papertrey Coin Purse Dies yet. I made this coin purse using a pattern I have and my sewing machine. But the technique I used to take regular cotton quilting fabric and fuse vinyl to it is what makes this little purse special. 

There is a thread on the Papertrey Forum, started by Erin here, that showed a fusible vinyl material from an online source. Someone else on the thread thought they had seen a similar product at theiir local Joann's. I was out and about in town today and had some time to kill, and stopped at our Joann's to check it out. Sure enough, they carried a similar product made by Pellon - a company that makes all kind of stabilizers. I bought a yard and a half, using my 40% off coupon - regular price was $5.89 per yard. Here is what the product looks like:
 I cut a piece out the size of my purse fabric and followed the directions on the package to fuse the vinyl to the fabric (took all of 8 seconds to fuse). Just look at how awesome the fabric pieces turned out! They are vinyl coated, yet not stiff - still soft and flexible.

I used a scrap piece of the vinyl covered fabric to cut out a stitched heart from the Coffee Cozy dies -it cut beautifully! I think it would work well with the new Coin Purse dies. Just think of all the cute custom fabric purses you could make from different fabrics!

 And this is how the little purse turned out. My little granddaughter loves owls, so this will go to her. I love the fact that it's easy to wipe clean and sturdy enough to take a beating.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Cheryl B. aka slibbyMarch 19, 2014 at 2:40 PM

    Your granddaughter will love this. So.Cute. I love the way you "fussy cut" the fabric so that the owl is in the middle. Looks like the dies will be able to cut this "vinyl fabric" just fine. Great job. Thanks of being the forum guinea pig and thanks for sharing you super cute project. My dies came today. I know where I'll be tomorrow. Joann's!!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this, Susan! Can't wait to make coin purses and it's great to know that there is a way to make them even more durable. Very cute fabric you used too!

  3. Lovely purse, Susan. Your granddaughter will be delighted. I too am looking forward to receiving my dies soon. Thanks for sharing.