Friday, March 21, 2014

Lunchbox Die Sewing Kit

Hello! I am excited to show you the latest thing I have come up with using the Papertrey sewing dies. After making a few coin purses, I decided to try something else new. I was thinking about making a little needlecase with the Lunchbox die, but instead ended up making a little sewing kit to keep in my purse. These would make great gifts also, as sooner or later, most everyone needs to sew on a button or fix a problem with a garment when away from home. Here is the finished project, and then instructions on how I made it. It all came together in less than an hour.
The first thing I did was to fuse some of the Pellon Vinyl Fuse to the piece of fabric I wanted to use for the sewing kit. Then I used the Lunchbox Die to cut the fabric.

 I then used one of the shorter Stitching Lines dies to cut holes where the two larger pieces fold.
I then cut out two coordinating pieces of Papertrey felt sized 2 1/4" x 3 1/2". I then diecut the holes about 1" in from one end of the felt using the Stitching Lines die again.

I then lined up all three lines of holes - the two layers of felt on the top and the lunchbox diecut fabric on the bottom, wrong side up.

I then stitched through all three layers using a back stitch and coordinating thread.

 I sewed three random buttons on the 1" side, just stitching through them once and knotting on the back of each button, so that if you snip one off, the rest stay put. I put a needle on the other side of the top felt.
 I then wound some white, gray and black thread around two of my fingers and slipped them on the underneath layer of felt. They stick to the felt pretty good without anything holding them down.
I added a small piece of stick-on Velcro to the top and bottom of the outer layer of vinyl fabric for a closure. I would have used a Velcro dot if I had one, but I didn't, so I just used a bit of what I had.


  I would recommend using Fray Check around the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying. That would also be a good idea on the edges of any fabric coin purses you make. It's available at any of the big box fabric stores in the notions section. It's clear and doesn't show at all when it is dry.
I'm going to make a bunch of these to give out to my friends and my daughters. They are always handy. One more thing I might add is a safety pin or two clipped on to the page that had the needle. Thanks for looking!


  1. How very clever of you! These little kits are so cute and very practical. I actually searched for one recently while packing for a trip and I can tell you they are nearly impossible to find to purchase. This is a great example of the creativity inspired by PTI innovative products! Thanks for the sharing! (The one I have also has an aluminum needle threader...with my eyes a must 😉

    1. The needle threader would be a great addition. I think you can pick them up pretty cheap in the notions section. It would probably nestle nicely on the same page as the thread. The only other thing I could think to add would be a tiny pair of scissors, but couldn't figure out how to do that safely.

  2. Very creative idea Susan! Love it!

  3. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.